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Locking Rates

Locking My Interest Rate – The Heritage Difference!

Heritage Home Funding constantly reviews, compares, and competes all of its approved lenders to produce the lowest rates, best terms, and least expensive closing costs for it clients. Once you are able to lock your rate (described below), Heritage Home Funding continues to shop your rate for you. If a lower rate becomes available at any point before closing, Heritage Home Funding will relock your rate. There is no cost for this service and no limit to how many times the rate can be re-locked. 

Locking a Rate for Your Refinance.

When you are refinancing, there is no set time for closing to occur unless set by the client. Therefore, you have great flexibility in terms of locking a rate. Heritage Home Funding will lock a rate for you, as soon as the specific loan program is chosen. Then as Heritage goes through the entire process, Heritage Home Funding will re-lock your rate if rates dip at any point up, until closing.  

How Long Can My Rate be Locked for?

In most situations, a rate can be locked for up to 60 days. There is the opportunity with some of Heritage Home Funding's lenders to lock the rate for 75 and even 90 days. Any of these locks have no charge. If you only need to lock a rate for 15, 30 or 45 days, you may sometimes get a better rate then the longer terms. Because Heritage Home Funding has the ability to re-lock your rate, the advantages of short term locking can be utilized.
To inquire about locking a rate click here.


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