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Credit Repair

Whether it is for the purchase of a new property or a refinance of an existing property, Heritage Home Funding will perform a complete credit review for its clients. If during this process it is discovered that there are credit issues, Heritage Home Funding will properly advise and assist in the repair of the client’s credit.  

Heritage Home Funding prides itself on properly educating its clients about their specific credit history and helping them to repair it if necessary. Repairing one’s credit is challenging at best and demands a significant amount of patience. The credit reporting process is far from perfect and virtually everyone’s personal report has information that is either incorrect or out of date. Sometimes this misinformation has an affect and will drag down one’s scores unless remedied. 

If credit issues are discovered and dealt with, Heritage Home Funding has the ability to permanently update its clients credit report. This service has the ability to instantly increase the client’s credit scores.  With an improvement to credit score, additional mortgage programs, and in some cases better interest rates, can be obtained.

If you have concerns about your credit history and credit score please do not hesitate to contact Heritage Home Funding to learn all about your credit status. Due to the fact that everyone’s credit history (and therefore scores) are unique, an in-depth and thorough analysis of the credit report is necessary before recommendations can be made.

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